We Are Sisyphus †

My name is Rachel. I enjoy dead things.


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Leaving for a therapy appointment in about half hour.
After, going to get my nails done with mum for the first time. Prom is tomorrow and I’ve been rather depressed, so mother decided to splurge a bit and take me out.
Then, after that, we’re going over to A.C.Moore to pick up a 150 count set of Prismacolor colored pencils. So fucking excited.

Oh, and I’m quite enjoying my outfit today.
3$ thrift shop large tank, over a bandanna that I tied into a bandeau.
The new little gold necklace was 50 cents from some church sale I went to the other day. 
My arm wrap is just extra material from the bottom of my dress, so I can make sure my nails will match or whatever. 
And my hair is just long enough to put into a decent pin-up.


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